Why My Spastic Dancing is Better Than No Dancing at All!


I confess that when it comes to dancing I have two left feet. And let me tell you why it doesn’t stop me from having flash dance parties (somewhat spastic though they may be) in the living room with the kids.


Not only does dancing provide fun and instantaneous stress relief (a topic we’re covering in SKoOL this week) but in a very important 21-year study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, dancing was shown to be the ONLY physical activity studied that positively influenced mental acuity.


Other forms of exercise, like cycling, swimming and walking had other health benefits, of course. But only dancing, with its supreme ability to help create new neural pathways, showed benefits to the brain. In fact, dancing frequently showed a 76% risk reduction for development of dementia, the single greatest risk reduction of all activities studied, either physical or cognitive (including reading, writing, playing musical instruments, and playing crossword puzzles).

One thing I know for sure. If I passed my unfortunate dance genetics to my children, they will still learn to dance from their mom…badly maybe, but with their whole hearts and a whole lot!

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