The Kids Optimized Living System

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We are on a humble quest for GREATNESS with our kids. Not perfection, not competition and not overachievement…but GREATNESS! If you are too, I’d be honored if we could journey together!

For more than twenty years I’ve been eagerly studying optimal living principles from numerous fields with wrapped fascination. Through university classes, workshops, seminars, certification programs, online courses and countless books, one question has always tugged at my heartstrings: WHY aren’t more principles of optimal living taught to us as kids in school at a time when it can affect the very most lifelong change?

As adults we’re inundated with self-help opportunities of every kind, enticing us to fix what’s broken in our lives. We’re invited to eat better, to move more, to change our habits, to love ourselves. Or simply to self-actualize, to reach for our life-given potential. But, as adults no matter how much we want change, a lifetime of faulty mental programs and bad conditioning can make even small transformation feel like dragging a boulder uphill.

So, for two decades I’ve been organizing my own continuing education into an evolving system.  I did this in part because I knew that from the time my kids could understand complex ideas I wanted them to understand how to reach their full potential and to fall in love with this life. The education I’ve collected from the fields of health and wellness, positive and spiritual psychology, NLP, mindfulness and more are just a drop in the bucket of the educational treasure being birthed all over the world of personal development. So, I’m always eager to explore, learn and share with like minds.

Among other things, I am a wife, mom of three (two of whom are being homeschooled and the other an active, nursing toddler). Additionally, My husband, Paul, and I own and operate gyms in several different Louisiana cities. So, not unlike all of us, my time is limited and extremely precious. I learned that in order to successfully get my kids engaged with these ideas, without compromising traditional academics, multiple extracurriculars, or my own responsibilities of work and home, the lessons had to be short, easy and fun for everyone.

So, I began encapsulating core principles in poems, creative projects and modern fables. I developed exercise programs geared toward driving these principles home using fun and interactive workouts. In short, I communicate to them so they can truly hear me. My goal is to make this work available some time this year when the kids have helped me polish the edges a bit.

Though I’m not ready to share my full system yet, I do want to share some of the daily and weekly insights from what we’re doing on the Chief Executive Momma page in hopes that you and the little people you care for can benefit from our unique little journey in this world.

There is nothing in the world like watching my kids get excited to dive in to optimized living lessons. My prayer for them is that the ideas and principles they learn now will fortify them for a lifetime of happiness and success. I wish the same for you and yours.

If you or anyone you love is ready to take a journey of self-actualization with your littles, please follow us, and share the thoughts and practices that work best in your world too. Much love, and may our kids be happy, healthy and whole in the world!