Just Pivot: How to Gain New Perspective

What he really needed was a nap, but instead, my 2-year-old was in full blown meltdown mode over a sippy cup of water that I had prepared for him just moments before. He couldn’t find it now, and in utter frustration, he was crying foul. “Bwoo cuppa waaaaater!!!” 😩

“It’s right behind you, Harrison,” I tried to hide my amusement. “On the floor. Right there!”

But not having a full grasp yet on the concept of “behind,” my son only paused long enough to look around the floor in front of him. Annoyed at my failure to produce the missing item, he burst into new tears. “BWOO CUPPA WATER! PWEEEESE!” Couldn’t I see that someone had stolen it right from under him? The injustice was overwhelming. He was on the floor flailing now.

We had stumbled upon a matter that was too much for one exhausted toddler mind to manage all alone. Scooping him back onto his feet against his will, I slowly turned his body in the direction of the cup. “See?” I said. “It’s right there.”

And just like that, with a hey-who-put-that-there look on his tear-stained face, my son grabbed his “long lost” cup and took a long, refreshing swig from its contents right before his nap.

One little pivot. That’s what the kids and I are talking about in SKOOL today. When we are trying to solve a problem, seek answers, or gain new perspectives, solutions can feel hidden and completely out of reach. What great energy we assume we will have to expend in order to set things right.

Reactive emotions, of course, only further frustrate the issue. So often all we need to do is pause, breathe, and pivot one or two degrees in a different direction. It can be a physical pivot yes, but more often than not, a mental or attitudinal shift in perspective is what we really need. When we suspend our assumptions that all is lost because we can not see what we want from where we stand, it might be time to ask for help, shift our stance, and consider a new approach. If we do this, we may suddenly recognize that what we were looking for was there all along, hidden in plain sight.

A shift to appreciation is one of the most powerful pivots we can make in any situation. Prayer, meditation, exercise, journaling, a conversation with someone trusted, getting coached, asking for help, and, yes, sometimes just taking a nap can open up new perspectives in our world.

Where do you or your child feel stuck or without answers? Are you ready to step outside of what’s been tried and pivot in a new direction? Are you willing to start today?

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