Go Ahead and be a Fool

April Fools has the kids plotting in our house. They love it so much it becomes a multiple day affair of “Mom, there’s a bee in your hair!” Or “You have to come see the mess the baby made!” Free license to play light-hearted pranks?! Yes please!

It got me thinking, WHY do we find it so funny to witness the reactions of someone being pranked? There’s a German term for this – schadenfreude. It means “harm-joy,” and it refers to that devilish amusement humans feel when someone isn’t fairing quite as well as we are. It’s a primal little button, and the “fool” often recovers himself to laugh right along with the pranksters.

What’s not quite as funny is the great lengths people will go to in order not to appear seriously foolish in the eyes of others. In service to never being thought a fool, far too many people die with their unique music tucked safely within their hearts. That’s because the risk of looking foolish is always attached to the pursuit of our greatest dreams. When we take an aerial view of this, though, isn’t paralysis due to fear of judgement a whole lot of foolishness?!

From David and Goliath and Noah’s Ark to Amelia Earhart and Walt Disney, a hero’s journey often involves being judged and misunderstood by others and pressing forward anyway. Why not walk with history’s heroes?

So, between pranks today, I’m sharing with my Super Kids the value of that risk. You want something so badly that it kind of scares you? Afraid of the judgey opinions of others? Good! That’s a promising sign that you were meant for it. So, go get it! Be willing to be thought a fool for what you want in life. No one ever died of being thought a fool. But far too many count a life of saving face to be among their top death bed regrets.

Remember, those who relish in pointing and judging are hoping that enjoyment will be enough to ease their own pain of regret for failing to pursue their own greatness. It won’t be. So, don’t live for them.

IN APRIL: What one heartfelt thing can you commit to doing that may result in you looking REALLY FOOLISH? Are you willing to embrace your inner fool and go there? I hope you will. Surround yourself by those who are there to support and pick you up while you play a bigger game! 🙌

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