From Trampled to Treasure: Creating Personal Value

We’re extending our ‪#‎EarthDay‬ celebration through the end of the month, because there’s just so much to do and talk about when it comes to caring for our little blue planet. Yesterday, our Super Kids joined their local kids organic gardening club in making sustainable handmade clay vessels. It was a messy good time, and our process inspired SKOOL conversation about the often disorderly process of transformation.

One thing that the kids and I discussed is that earthen clay is one of the few natural resources that does not appear to have any inherent value when it’s undeveloped. Yet if you expose it to the right vision and process, something precious and useful can develop. An incredible approach to life can be gleaned from this analogy.

As we discussed (and experienced), in order to form something of value out of that which is trampled on and appears useless (the dry clay), one must be willing first to take the 7 steps:
1. to set the vision,
2. to seek and receive any missing education,
3. to be open and willing to get your hands dirty,
4. to identify and smooth out the unrefined places,
5. to toss out the immalleable rocks that would get in the way of the vision,
6. to add what’s necessary to help the vision take shape (water)
7. and then of course, to carefully shape the vision.

These 7 steps turn ordinary clay to treasured earthen vessels, neglected junk yards into pristine playgrounds, and common men into extraordinary humans. Where is great value waiting to emerge from the ordinary stuff of your life? Of your child’s life? Can you use the 7 steps above to transform the mundane into the magnificent starting today? Tell us about it what you’re creating and how YOU celebrated Earth Day in comments.

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