Be an Emotional Rebel. Laugh.

It’s primitive, contagious, and at times quite outrageous.

It decreases stress hormones and floods your body with immune cells, infection-fighting antibodies, and wellness-enhancing endorphins.

It can temporarily relieve pain, smooth the experience of emotional discomfort, and bond us to those who share in it with us. There is a reason laughter is said to be medicine.

Life can throw a myriad of reasons for unfunny reactions into our days. It’s easy to forget that we are allowed to stop and make concerted efforts to create belly laughs in our kids and ourselves…for the pure fun of it.

When life becomes a pressure cooker, I am grateful for the moments in which I remember to unleash my tickle monster. And no one benefits more than they do.

What’s the funniest moment you’ve ever shared with your kids? If you can’t remember the last time you laughed with the little people in your life, what one thing can you commit to today to create a moment that will leave everyone in stitches?

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