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Chief Executive Momma, Debbie Denova-Baker, is a leading wellness & fitness expert, an inspirational columnist & speaker, and Founder & Creator of the SuperBody Method for holistic health.  Over two decades of research and education are invested into her evolving self-actualization program for kids and their caretakers. As a wife, homeschooling mom of 3, and multiple business owner in her field, Debbie shares actionable insights for optimal living for kids and their ‘big people’.

Debbie believes the principles of optimal living should be a vital inclusion in every person’s ongoing education from as early an age as possible.  This is especially true of children, who, fortified with the proper education in personal empowerment, are sure to affect the very most lifelong change.

As adults we’re inundated with self-help opportunities of every kind, enticing us to fix what’s broken in our lives. We’re invited to eat better, to move more, to change our habits, to love ourselves. Or simply to self-actualize, to reach for our life-given potential. But, as adults no matter how much we want change, a lifetime of faulty mental programs and bad conditioning can make even small transformation feel like dragging a boulder uphill.

So, what, Debbie wondered, would happen for our kids if we armed them early with the heart-centered tools and principles necessary for:

  • generating more life energy
  • living from their hearts
  • maximizing their minds
  • caring for their bodies
  • nurturing their relationships with self and others
  • reaching their potential
  • conquering their inevitable challenges successfully and along the way
  • and smashing the goals they set for themselves?

What advantages would they have if–though they may struggle– they never had to grapple for fixes without fully understanding how to resolve issues quickly?

How would our own lives be different if, alongside our children, we too engaged in steady and mindful baby steps toward our most powerful selves? What impact would a joint journey like this have on every generation that follows after our kids?

These are questions Debbie wanted answers to as she began educating her own kids from home.  With the help of her children and the collaboration of other professionals in varied fields of personal development, Debbie hopes to polish her kid-centric optimized living system and make it available in late 2016.

Debbie believes that making the commitment to give our kids the ‘actualization advantage’ is the very most important thing we can do in this lifetime. Ultimately, her aim is to facilitate her own children in having the desire, education and ability to reach for full expression in this world.  And she hopes to be of service to like-minded parents who run full and busy lives but who want actionable insights for educating kids in living fully.  Learn more about the Optimized Living Kid Curriculum.